Happy Monday 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend 

In today’s newsletter I am going to share with you some training, nutrition and lifestyle tips, observation and lessons. 

1- Fat loss will not change you

It’s all about the person you become in the process. Build character, overcome laziness and know that the obstacle is the way. 

2 – Create great habits 

Character is created by doing the things you don’t want to do, that you know will allow for growth. Simple habits create small wins which ultimately snowball into massive results 

3 – Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

Your progress and results are in direct proportion to the amount of discomfort you can handle. Simply put – The harder you work the better the results 

4 – Calories in vs calories out is pretty much worthless 

Everyone responds to food differently. For example one’s gut health or one’s stress levels will have a massive effect on how you metabolise and assimilate food. 

Do you think you would have the same result from 1000 calories of ice cream vs 1000 calories of broccoli? 

5 – Movement is impaired by threat 

Pain, stiffness, poor mobility are protective outputs of the nervous system in response to a perceived threat. 

If your nervous system ‘thinks’ a particular movement is threatening it will simply prevent you from making it. When the brain receives a signal from the body, it asks – ‘how dangerous is this really? How much strength will I grant. 

6 – Your Gut will make or break your success 

Your gut is your second brain and it determines your mood, how your body uses nutrients, how much fat you will store, how well your body and brain work together and your sleep. 

7 – I don’t get enough sleep 

I cannot stress enough the importance of sleep. Little babies that keep you up all night is one thing 🙂   BUT the ‘ I am too busy to sleep ‘ badge of honour is one of the most negatively health impacting concepts our modern day society has taken on. Stop ‘’grinding’ and in the words of Samuel L Jackson ‘’ go the f**k to sleep ‘’   

8 – You’re an IPAD 

When I am asked what is the fastest way to make a change in movement here is the analogy I use

You are like an Ipad. An Ipad has hardware like a battery, screen, chip, keyboard and software be it the operating system, the programs and apps. 

When we look at the human body, hardware is your muscles, joints, fascia, bones etc and your software is your brain and every sensory organ in your body. 

Many people have hardware problems – tight ankles, stiff hips and so on but this is led by a software issue. 

As I mentioned in point 5, movement is impaired by threat. Typically if there is a perceived threat a compensation pattern is put into play. 

Some software/hardware glitches…

Breath holding 
Jaw clenching
Shoulder shrugging
Ankle/foot floor grabbing  

You need to release the hardware but more importantly you need to upload a new software package or the same hardware issue will continue to rear its ugly head. 

9 – If you want more energy and vitality ….

Get more sunlight, get less blue light. Get outside in clean fresh air and reconnect with nature. 

10 – The world looks different from where you’re standing 

Life is a subjective experience and we all have different perceptions. The way I view the world is very different from the way Krystie or you view the world. That said what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.  

That’s it for today 

Paul “Fill in the blank” and Krystie “see’s the world in chocolate” Miller