Happy Monday

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Hawkes Bay sunshine.  


In today’s newsletter I thought I would introduce you to Tony





The first time I met Tony he struggled to do 10 push ups. I am not going to say he was unfit, it was more like he hadn’t done any serious training in a long while.

Tony started out at our fitnesscamps and progressed on to one on one sessions. He truly embraced the fitness lifestyle and went from not doing a lot, to consistent training sessions.

With Tony getting fitter and fitter he saw the gym as a tool for some outside adventures. Tony jumped on the roadie and quickly climbed the ramblers ranks.

Last year Tony set his sights a little higher and with a nudge and kick from his better half signed up for The Harbour to Hills.

A 2k ocean swim followed by 95k bike ride round the Tuki Tuki (twice) and finally a 21k run up and down Marine Parade

As I write this Tony has yet again just finished this gruelling event in a time of just over 6 hours

Which I must say is an incredibly solid performance and one that is incredibly inspiring. Especially because I know Tony never has time on his side. But what Tony lacks in time he makes up for in effort. Tony is the kind of guy that takes every workout to the limit just to see what he is capable of.

The second time Tony ever put his head down for a 2k row he pulled a 6:48. For his age that puts him as the joint fastest 2k in New Zealand. Pretty amazing for someone that’s not a professional rower, doesn’t belong to a rowing club & has barely even been on a rower.





So with all that said, I just want to say well done mate. Great effort

If you are someone who struggles to do 10 push ups, all you need to do is take action. Put one foot in front of the other and you never know where you could be and what you could achieve one year from now.

Paul “10k was enough for me” and Krystie “sprint tri for me” Miller​​