Happy Monday

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend

For us it was a weekend away in Taupo with some good friends. We ran, we swam, we paddle boarded and the kids ate ice cream. Good times were had

On the drive home Krystie and I thought we would put together 17 life and lifting lessons for you. So here goes…


1. Fitness is not a tool for fixing flaws. 

You are not broken and you don’t need to punish yourself for your eating sins. Train because you love your body; you love the way it moves, you love the feeling of being strong.


2. My name is consistency

I am best friends with success. We should hang out more often than once in a while 

3 – Quality over quantity

Let your guiding rule be not how MUCH, but how GOOD. The first rep should demand as much effort as the last. 

4 – KISS. 

When in doubt keep it simple stupid. Stick to the basics and get them nailed. Squat, deadlift, push, pull, carry, drink enough water, eat plenty of veggies 

5 – Be the best you. 

Everyday is a new opportunity to get stronger, eat better, to live healthier and to be the best version of you

6 – Be a celebrator of other people’s fitness journeys. 

Be empathetic, encourage, empower and drive positive change. Haters never win 

7 – Disconnect – Reconnect 

Spend an hour a day without stimulation (no phone, no socials, no people). Get to know yourself again 

8 – One in 5 

Understand that some workouts will be amazing and some rubbish. Typically it runs on a one in five relationship. One workout of the five you are unstoppable, you literally can take on the world and the NZ Olympic team should be on the phone to you. One workout of the five is awful, so bad that you should have just stayed home and watched Netflix. The other three workouts are punch the clock workouts, You go in, workout and then walk out. Life is not a marathon but a series of sprints. Go hard then go easy, cruise and then go hard again. Rinse and repeat

9 – 90% of success is just showing up – Woody Allen 

I truly believe the hardest step is the first step. BUT it’s the first step of ‘Just showing up’ that is the most powerful. The rest is just details 

10 – The one thing 

You can’t do everything at once. Most of us take on way too much and as a result we end up juggling multiple projects, trying to please everyone and ultimately burn out. The key is to focus on one thing. Install your one good habit and then start the next. 

11 – Hard work vs talent 

Trust and know that hard work will always outdo talent. 

12 – The ‘’secret’’

If you read a title that has the words ‘secret’ ,’sensational’, ‘instantly’ , ‘miracle’ , ‘quick’ or ‘easy’ then please fire up your bulls**t detector. Someone is trying to sell you something and it’s probably a load of crap

13 – Put your money where your mouth is 

This may sound a little contradictory to my previous point, but you would be well served to invest into your health and wellbeing. Grabbing a random workout program from Dr Google will most likely leave you with messed up knees or a messed up back. Go and see someone that has qualifications, experience and your best interest at heart. 

14 – Pain 

Pay Attention Inside Now – read that again!

15 – Nature 

Take a walk in nature every day. It will clear your mind, boost your fitness and lift your spirit.

16 –  Don’t be a sheep be a Shepherd 

I have often found that when everyone goes right it serves to go left. Here is an example of what I mean 

  • Most people don’t have goals, therefore you may do well by establishing goals
  • Most people don’t train, therefore it may serve you to train
  • Most people think that seeing their doctor regularly is essential for optimal health. Having good health habits is essential for optimal health
  • The majority of people spend hours and hours each day watching TV, therefore don’t spend hours watching mindless TV
  • Most people spend all day sitting, therefore spending more time standing might just be the thing to help with those back pains


17 – The Pareto principle

Remember that 20% of your effort equates to 80% of your results. Your job is to figure out what the 20% is.