Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! We spent most of the weekend gardening and spring cleaning!

Today we thought we would bring you a short question and answer session with one of our clients – Ryan.  SO without further ado…

Tell us about yourself:

I have 3 sons, aged 15, 3, 20 months. I am a part owner of the Clearance Shed which has 11 stores, I was working in the business till 3 weeks ago when I made the decision to leave. During my time in the business I opened 8 stores as well as looking after all 11 at times. I have now changed my direction in life and as to that direction only time will tell. I have recently completed my Level 1 Cross-fit Trainer Course and who knows maybe working in the fitness industry may well be something that awaits me going forward.

I have been with Results for just over 2 years. I started just after my sons first birthday (Jan 2015). I had got to a point where I was not happy with my weight and lifestyle choices.

I had played club rugby for some years and had been going to a multi national gym for some time with no real success with improvement in weight or fitness level.


Ryan before he came to Results

Why did you choose Results?:

To be honest I came to Results due to the fact I had googled Boot Camp as felt the standard gym had not been working and thought I would give something different a go. When I found Results I had looked on the Facebook Page and a school friend had made a positive comment regarding Results and from there it is as they say “History”.

What did you particularly like about the Results Fitness Camps approach?;


I liked that it was an all in one package. When I enquired it was made clear that the camp was a whole package, fitness and nutrition. I was emailed a nutritional guide, which also had recipes right at the start and as I was busy with running new stores as well as the on look of setting up new ones, so a “paint by numbers” as such was VERY inviting. A lot of the thinking had gone and it was put into a system that all I needed to do was follow and there should be results (& quickly there was).

Exactly how much weight and body fat have you lost?:

Since starting with Results I have lost approx. 38Kgs and have gone from 36.5% BF to 24%

Paul’s side note: Ryan, after a weigh in on Thursday, has his body fat figures into the teens, and has lost over 40 kg’s now!


Ryan, in the black top, after completing his Cross Fit Certification

How would you summarise your experience at Results:

It is hard to summarise as I could go on and on about exactly what Results has done for me, however I will try and keep it short (well shortish).

Results is the total experience, it is not just about lifting more weights (as in other gyms), it is about living a healthier life with making the right food/life choices and then it is about getting along to workouts 1/2/3 or as many as you can during the week. The trainers Krystie, Kirstin and Paul all care about the improvements of everyone and you are treated as an individual not as a number.

In the time I have been attending Results I have had a lot go on in my life from a new son, a business where I spent most of a year based out of AKL traveling home for weekends, a marriage separation, a business that was consuming ALOT of my life and during this time what I was doing at Results helped give me the inner strength to continue to push forward with business and life in general.

Would you recommend Results to others, and if so, who?:

I would recommend results to ANYONE. It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are anyone would benefit from coming to Results. If you think you are too unfit and need to do something first before coming YOU need to get along NOW. 

When I first started I could barely do a burpee and even though they are not my favourite exercise (Still) I can now string a few together. So don’t wait till you’re fit enough before you start as you will never attend. Results caters for ALL no matter what fitness level you are.

Anything else you would like to add:

Of late I have had some issues with my mental health and if I was honest to myself, I have been trying to ignore it for sometime (3 years). If it had not been for training at Results the past 2 odd years would have been A LOT harder than they were. Be it 3 times a week or the once to get along to a session and be surrounded by trainers who want to see you improve, and to have time in your week where the only thing that matters in completing that next exercise is a GREAT way to clear the head even just for a little bit of the day/week. I am sure I would have hit the wall a lot sooner if it had not been for Results (Krystie, Kirstin & Paul).


Well Done Ryan, awesome effort! Your hard work and dedication has definitely paid off.

That’s it for today! Stay Healthy,

Paul and Krystie Miller