Happy Tuesday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break

Krystie, myself and the family headed up to Auckland to catch up with some friends we haven’t seen in a while.










Here is a shot of Bear drinking his first greens juice.. or maybe he was just eating the straw 🙂 


While in Auckland I was asked what kind of training we do at Results Fitness Camp and how it compares to the typical workouts you see in gyms up and down the country. So in today’s newsletter I thought I would share with you the 6 New Rules of Fat Loss

Here goes…




Law 1 – We use Metabolic Resistance Training

Gone are the days of bodybuilding style exercises, like curls and kickbacks. Instead we use full body exercises that use over 600 muscles in one go.

Metabolic resistance training is like combing resistance training and cardiovascular training together for the ultimate workout solution.

You will maximise the number of calories you burn all while increasing your metabolism.


Law 2 – We use Interval Training







Research shows that interval training is more effective at burning fat compared to regular cardio.

This study – Journal of Applied Physiology found H.I.I.T. workouts burned more fat for women over a 2-week period than steady state cardio.

In fact, it ended up burning 9x’s the amount of fat than the control group.

The secret to interval training is EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption)

This is where your body will continue to burn fat calories after you have finished your workout

The higher the intensity of your intervals the more EPOC is created. Think about it as a kind of ‘metabolic disturbance’

After you have finished an intense workout your body has to bring itself back to homeostasis or it’s ‘normal’ state. It takes energy mostly from fat to return itself. Which means more fat burning for you


Law 3 – We use Non Competing Super Sets to get More Work Done

We typically use 2 or 3 non competing exercises back to back, that way we avoid muscle fatigue and can get more done in less time. For example we might start with a compound move for the lower body like squats and then move quickly into an upper body movement like rows.


Essentially when the legs start to tire we move to an upper body movement. This means your heart and lungs continue to challenge through the workout.


Law 4  – We use Full Body Workouts

We skip the classic steroid bodybuilder workouts of one muscle a day. That will only leave you with some kind of overuse injuries


Instead we complete 3 full body workouts a week using a variety of exercises, with a variety of methods from dumbbells to kettlebells.


Some benefits of full body workouts include

  • Total body hits a higher percentage of the total motor units in the body per day than a split plan.

  • Because you’re working your whole body, total body training will be better at burning calories and promoting fat loss.

  • It’s good for recovery from an injury or a layoff because, by default, the intensity is reduced so you’ll get more out of it practising more often.

  • If you miss a workout or two for the week, you still get some training stimulus to your whole body instead of neglecting entire areas for that week.

  • You can get a good overall workout in only three days a week.


Law 5 – We don’t do the Same Workouts

If you do the same thing over and over you will ultimately hit a fat loss plateau. Your body gets used to what is coming and will stop adapting.

In order for change you need to employ a new stimuli. Now don’t mistake this for making up random workouts everyday like some other fitness methods.


We use a structured set of principles to guide what we do.


This quote sums it up


‘’ Methods are many, Principles are few, Methods change often but Principals never do’’


Law 6 – We Dial in Your Nutrition

We know that you can’t out train a bad diet. From looking good to feeling good nutrition plays such a major role. We focus on real nutrient dense foods backed with science, simplicity and results.


That’s it for today

So, if you ate too much chocolate over Easter and need to do something about it or you would like more information on our Fitnesscamps and how we can help you,  give us an email on


Paul “is becoming a hot cross bun” & Krystie “the chocolate bunny”