Happy Monday,

I hope you had an amazing weekend

For us it was a couple of dog walks, some football and even a kid free date night.

In today’s newsletter we thought we would share 11 of our thoughts around leading a healthy lifestyle

Without further ado….

1 – Health goes way beyond calories, carbs and gym workouts. Fulfilment is top of the list, following closely good healthy food along with a walk in nature makes for the best medicine.

2 – One bad meal isn’t going to make you fat. However stressing about eating that one meal might

3 – Consider the reason for training in the gym isn’t about burning calories and has far more to do with learning to move the way you were designed to

4 – Don’t lose weight to get healthy. Get healthy to lose weight

5 – The three major keys in better hormone function are …. Breathing, laughter and love

6 – 90% dark chocolate is awesome, don’t waste energy attaching guilt to the fact you just ate the whole bar  

7 – Spend more time on the ground and getting up from the ground. You can thank me in 30 years for this one.

8 – If you want to beat the bloat, eat like you’re on a first date, slowly with some conversation.


9 – If you have pain then understand it’s simply a request for change. It’s time to address your behaviours, lifestyle and habits

10 – Hug someone. Human, animal, tree or teddy bear

11 – Live more like a dog. Take plenty of time to snooze in front of the fire, don’t worry about what people think, run as fast as you can – not to catch anything but simply for the love of running, eat organ meats, jump in puddles, get muddy and say hello with a big, wet slobbery hug and kiss