Happy Monday 

How was the weekend? 

For us it was a weekend of family time. We did a Bluff Hill walk and Krystie and the kids went to the Steiner Fair. 

While the family were out I grabbed a copy of Eleanor Ozich’s new book ‘The Art of Simple’  – Recipes and Ideas for a Calmer Way of Life… Sounds good to me!


















Anyway last week I gave away a copy of our 30 Day Project Meltdown Plan

an all inclusive 30 day DONE FOR YOU plan

>>Learn why you need to eat real food<<

>>Learn why calorie counting simply doesn’t work<<

>>Learn why it is in fact our hormones that make a fundamental difference and what we can do about it<<

>>Follow the simple 3 step system to massive fat loss and your best health<<

>>We have even included 30 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner plans and all the recipes to go with it.<<

If you missed it then you can get it here




Just in Hawkes Bay 1554 of you viewed it and we had a few emails about workouts. For whatever reason we recognise that many of you simply can’t get to our fitnesscamps so we have created 5 Home Bodyweight Workouts 

These workouts are designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat, sculpt and tone. 

They can be done as stand alone workouts or they can be done in conjunction with our fitnesscamp training sessions. 

The workouts are typically anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes so no excuses for not having time. 

Here is the link to the 5 Home Workouts. No equipment needed!



That’s it for today

Paul ‘’SIMpaul‘’ & Krystie ”Calm with 2 kids is an oxymoron ‘’ Miller