Happy Monday, Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was Paul’s birthday on Sunday  (another year celebrating how awesome his body can move and feel), and we celebrated with a healthy homemade carrot cake (which was quite yummy may I add), with friends and family and a relaxed walk down to the wild beach (wasn’t the weather a little chilly over the weekend?).

Anyway, on to the newsletter – take it away Paul 🙂

You are amazing, probably the most awesome creation the world has ever known. You were born with a perfect body design and a brain that had a movement template that was already hardwired.

Unlike many other animals you were born a blank canvas in the context of movement. Many animals are up and walking from day 1 but not you.

As your brain grows so does your ability to express strength and mobility. The first years of your life you watch, hear, touch, your way to movement sucking up every sensory perception you have and pulling together your nervous system, vestibular system, cardiovascular system, visual system, muscular system, proprioceptive system, immune system and digestive system.

Every system you have integrates into a beautiful intertwined web of cohesiveness, a whole body and not just a bunch of parts.

Your blueprint of movement had you moving with grace, control, fluidity, strength and  proficiency. Every movement you made was a building block upon the next, creating a solid foundation of physical, emotional and mental expression.

First you took your first breath of life then you moved your eyes, then your head, then you rolled and rocked in a quadruped position. All of this created strength in your shoulders, hips and core. Through learning how to move you developed your brain and you built and developed your body.

Movement and strength became one in the same. You moved and got stronger and you got stronger and you moved. Before you know it you were contralateral crawling firing up. Contralateral movement fires a potential estimated 100 trillion neural pathways within our brain.

Yes if you want to know why we crawl in class it’s because it makes you smarter 🙂

You explored and played in your environment until one day you stopped. You became stagnant, you became an adult.

You no longer feel as good as you once did and you say things like…

When you hit thirty, forty, fifty etc everything just seems to hurt a bit. You settle for a life where you believe that because it is common it must be normal. This is far from the truth. The truth is you were designed to be strong and vibrant well into your eighties, nineties and so on.

Growing older shouldn’t mean becoming weak and frail. Regardless of age you are able to run, jump, climb and play all without nagging injuries or the fear of falling down.

Age is just a number and nothing more than a representation of how long one has been on Earth.

I believe that we were born and grow to enjoy and squeeze every last little bit out of life and not to simply just get old and lose our independence.

Becoming old and frail is simply a result of being static.  Not using our bodies the way they were encoded to leads to a life of aches, pains, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and a host of other sickness. – You were not meant for any of this!

Restoring health is simply doing what you were designed to do. Move, play, explore, get on the ground and be a child again. Learn how to breathe through your belly, crawl and re-establish all those reflexive connections. Remember movement, brain, emotions, feelings and thoughts – they are all connected.

Getting old is not a matter of age; it’s a lack of movement and the ultimate lack of movement is death – Tony Robbins

That’s it for today, 

Paul “crawling again” and Krystie “eating cake” Miller​​​​