Happy Monday, how was your weekend? I planned to write something interesting and thought provoking today BUT a small little baby was having none of it and consequently your fitness and health education is on hold today. And although my cognitive function is ‘even more’ limited today the little Bear did remind me of something interesting


Life. It’s not all rosy and it never will be. Having kids is hard but it’s in the challenge that lies the greatest gift


My point is that there is never going to be a perfect time in life for anything.


  • “I am going to get the silly season out the way and start my training after that’’
  • “I have a 5 week run of stuff in my diary I will start after that ‘’
  • “I am just super busy at the moment ‘’  


I hear this stuff all the time. The thing is there will never be a perfect time and you wouldn’t want there to be. If you need everything in life to be in it’s exact place before you start,  you wouldn’t ever get anything done


How many times has your ‘quiet time of no distractions’ been full of distractions. Half the time you self sabotage. A 5 minute quick check of Facebook turns into a 47 minute rabbit hole of other people’s lives. Or a quick look at Instagram turns into a marathon scrolling session.


















On the reverse side your craziest time can be your most productive time. As they say ‘’if you want something done, give it to a busy person ‘’ 

To conclude don’t be that person that uses Christmas as an excuse not to start. If you want to make a change then start today. 

Shameless plug time 


Paul ‘’Don’t be a January gym tourist ‘’ & Krystie “tis the season to be healthy” Miller