It’s the beginning of 2019 New Years Resolutions time and supposedly people are going to turn their life around.

Easy as that 😉  

I saw this one being banded about on the socials and had to share it…

Funny but true!

The problem is that most people are going about their New Years Resolution the wrong way.

We all go for these big resolution goals but it all goes out of the window as soon as life gets in the way


‘’ I’m going do high intensity workouts everyday all while only eating 1600 calories’’  soon falls to pieces

How does life get in the way ?

  • All your kids get sick at the same time and you get absolutely no sleep
  • Because of the holidays you have a tight deadline to meet and you’re way behind
  • Your mother needs you to help her right now with the shopping
  • When you’re stressed you get tired and your lower back aches
  • Just as you’re about to head out the door for a 30 minute run your wife reminds you that she has an appointment at the hair salon and needs you to look after the kids

That is real life

Don’t get me wrong you can certainly get amazing results when you’re doing the right stuff but…

Rome wasn’t built in a day

A mix of trying to do everything right now and life showing up and getting in the way results in a frustrated mess and disappointment

The key is to simply focus on one habit at a time

  • Drink more water

Specific action plan

– When cleaning up after dinner make a pitcher of fruit and herb flavoured water. Let it infuse overnight and chances are you will drink it all the following day

– Commit to drinking a big glass of water with lemon and sea salt first thing in the morning

  • Better sleep

Specific action plan

– Have a bedtime wind down ritual. Maybe some calming music along with some gentle stretching

-Buy some Magnesium. A hit of Magnesium before bed is game changing

-Buy Blue light blocking glasses. Blue Light from screens raises cortisol and can play havoc with your restorative sleep measures  

  • Eat vegetables with every meal

Specific action plan

– Be prepared. Know what you’re going to eat with each meal.

-Take a bunch of carrots to work everyday just as an emergency vegetable feed

Just doing a few simple things and then dialling them in, so they become habits can take you to another level

Doing smart and simple stuff consistently is what most successful people do

Happy New Year