Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend filled with lots of restorative rest, deep breathing, laughter, love and fun!

On Friday we had a group of friends over for dinner. We have started a monthly meet up dinner with a group of healthy food enthusiast, where each time we meet, a recipe book is chosen and everyone makes something from this – either a starter, main, side dish or dessert. As our first get together we went with a Pete Evans special.

It was a great night, with delicious food and great company. We are looking forward to more!

One of the reasons why we started this was, we have so many lovely recipe books and don’t seem to get through to making all the recipes, so thought what better than to get others to come together and try different recipes, see what works, what we will do again, and what is not worth repeating. Once you have a few delicious healthy recipes up your sleeve, you know you can take a seat and rotate through those on a weekly basis.

The criteria was family friendly recipes, so the whole family can enjoy. As Pete is a Paleo fan, our menu was dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free. For the main we had a moussaka along with a shoulder of lamb, with a few delicious salads and for dessert a lime raw cheesecake.

Does anyone have a favourite go to healthy cookbook they enjoy?

Drooling over the next dinner Krystie “the paleo chef” and Paul “the paleo bartender” Miller