Happy Tuesday,

Wow what a beautiful Hawkes Bay long weekend. I hope you headed outside and enjoyed the sunshine

For us it was dog walks, Hapi ice creams, lots of gardening and a couple of kettlebell workouts outside in the sun. I am only a couple of weeks away from my Strongfirst challenge.

A few people have asked how the Strongfirst training is going and honestly it’s hard work. I have a few niggles that in an ideal world, would require some resting up but with only a couple of weeks left and one of which is a taper week I don’t have that luxury. So I am doing my best to sensibly try and manage the niggles.

On with the newsletter…

The other day I was asked what my diet currently looks like. So for today’s post I thought

I would share with you 10 foods I currently base my diet around

Here is how I pretty much eat

  1. Meat – always organic and lots and lots of organ meats
  2. Fish – wild
  3. Vegetables – organic and picked from the garden when I can
  4. Eggs* – free range and organic where we can
  5. Butter coffee – organic with grass-fed butter (though i don’t actually eat the stuff sometimes it feels like i am 😉
  6. Berries
  7. MCT oil
  8. Chocolate 90% Lindt – I pretty much each chocolate everyday
  9. Broth – Krystie cooks lots of our meals in broth
  10. Lemons – I just pick off the tree and eat them skin on

* It’s pretty hard to find an organic soy free chicken feed. We have tried just letting the chickens roam for bugs but have found that for them to optimise laying they need a bit more. If anyone knows of a soy free organic feed, I would love to hear.

Do I eat carbs?

Yep, but not really that much. If i eat carbs it’s usually at dinner time. When I eat carbs I typically have a crash which  works well as I simply go to bed.

If I am going to eat carbs then kumara, pumpkin, lentils, white rice and sometimes I will grab Oh My Goodness bread 🙂  

Here is a list of foods I avoid 99% of the time

  • Vegetables oils
  • Soy
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Processed sugar
  • Butter substitutes
  • Store bought bread
  • White flour
  • Gluten  – I am not going to lie the occasional gluten containing beer does pass my lips, but for most part it’s minimal
  • Anything that goes in a microwave

That’s it. As you can see most of what I eat is made up of fats and proteins. I do my best to source wild, pasture raised and organic. It’s important to get good quality as toxins are stored in fat and I really don’t want to be eating dirty toxins, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

How about you?

I would love to know what the top 5-10 foods are that you’re eating?

Have a great week,

Be healthy

Paul “eating the whole cow” and Krystie “eating the whole chocolate” Miller